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Best Practices for Successful Thrift Store Shopping

Best Practices for Successful Thrift Store Shopping Inexperienced shoppers may feel anxious when they hear about thrift store shopping, especially when it is online. There are so many things to consider, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But fear no more! At ThriftOn, we want to make you a true expert before the time of shopping second hand clothes finally comes. All it takes is adopting a few good habits and doing it with the right mindset. In the following lines, we give you the best practices to successfully shop at thrift stores. Don’t Worry About Size When thrift store shopping, size shouldn’t be a real problem. With so many brands and manufacturers under a single roof, the...

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Why/How to become an entrepreneur

   Hello!     My name is Mark Skjerven and I started my business in January this year.  *Best part about me is I'm 16 years old and have my own online business* VERY FIRST THING TO DO: Take the entrepreneur quiz here Let me tell you why its best to start young or start when you can. So first off being 16 and having a business sure is a lot but it takes away some risk for me, how so? Well I have $4,000 dollars right now and started my business with about $3,400 or something. Now say my business completly failed and I lost $1,000 well now I have 2 grand and the best part is...

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